Alinsky and Fabianism conspire to disrupt civilisation.

The Oil for Your Lamp

When I saw this meme on Face Book, I wondered to myself: how many people will think this is just ‘hate speech’ by some ‘right-winger’ without ever knowing that it expresses an absolute fact?!


That is correct: there is fact behind this meme.  The fact is that protesting is a job for many of these people, and they are usually paid through our welfare programs.  This is not by accident.  It is by designs.  How do I know?  Well, this is why I listen to Glenn Beck: because, without him, I would have never connected the dots enough to see the hidden hand behind these protests.

Back around 2008, Glenn Beck told his FOX News audience about a book that was banned in France and many of its authors were jailed.  The title of the book was “The Coming Insurrection.”


People should have paid more attention to this book, and…

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